you’re grace is enough
you’re grace is enough
you’re grace is enough, for me

i’m so glad i got to come home

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even with all this uncertainty for the future, God still creates such beauty

i think this boy is amazing.

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my first free afternoon since… i don’t know how long.

now what?

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things like this make days like today so much better

How Great Thou art, LORD.
How Great You truly are.

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good, good friday

7:50am. i’m waiting for LL to open, so i can begin work. i’m holding a book in my lap, while eating a coffecake i had just gotten from starbucks 5 minutes before. i’m thinking about the conversation i had with one of my wushu friends i had run into at starbucks; about how i wish i could spend more time with them, but unsure of how good of a witness i am

7:51am. a late-middle aged man walks his bike up to the bike rack in front of LL. i dont pay him much mind

7:52am. i hear a voice ask, “what does JI Packer have to say?”

i look up. the book i have in my lap is JI Packer’s Knowing God. I’ve been trying to read it daily this month, but i haven’t been putting as much time into meditating on it as i should. i brought it, hoping that i could spend more time reading it this morning.

the man looks friendly enough. he tells me, “i got that book from a friend after i became christian, but i haven’t had a chance to read it. what does JI Packer talk about?”

and so i meet Albert. he sits down next to me, and i struggle through what i remember about the book. he asks if the book gives more real-life examples, or just theory. i tell him its mostly expositing scripture, and that the chapter i’m on right now is discussing how “God is Love”, how it is often misinterpreted, and what scripture has to say about it.

and then another man comes up. he’s a little smaller, and by now, i know that these two men i have met are homeless. Albert greets him warmly, exclaiming about how he hasn’t seen him in a very long time (he’s even forgotten this other man’s name, which turns out to be Mitchell). he then turns to me and says

"you know, its great to read about how God is love. but what’s even more special? to show it"

and he pulls out his wallet, takes out seven dollars, and hands it to Mitchell.

"if you go to home town buffet for breakfast, it’s 6.99. you go and have yourself a good easter meal. i’ll go with you. bring a book and read it while you’re there, maybe a JI Packer book." Albert looks at me and smiles.

8:00am. the library doors open, and it’s time for me to go to work. i’m a little hesitant to just stand up and walk away, so i slowly get up from the bench; the men also slowly start heading over to library, chatting about which floor their going to use the computer on

"maybe the third floor."
"i like the quiet basement, or the fourth floor where there’s windows."

Albert asks me my name, i tell him

"my name’s Rachel."
"Well, God bless you, Rachel."

it was an incredible morning. it made me really think about the things i’m thankful for. i know those seven dollars are really important to Albert and Mitchell. when i was walking into the library, i heard them discussing about how it was amazing that one of them hadn’t run out of money for that week. it makes me think of the vendor fair, of the self-control chapter we just went through with the girls, of my family, of my dad’s job… of all these different things. all i know is, i am thankful, because GOD has given me so much. all the rest will come with time, but God will not desert me or the ones that He loves so much.

later on i run into the pair downstairs in the basement where i’m floating. Albert is explaining christianity & Jesus to Mitchell. he then asks me where i go to church, and i find out that Albert lives in his car very, very close to Berean. i may just see him again.

as i leave the basement to go back to my desk on the second floor, again he says to me

"God bless you, Rachel"
"Have a great weekend!"
"Happy easter"

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sometimes, i really wonder. did it truly happen? how could… why did…

all i know is that right now, we are most definitely strangers.

i dont know you anymore. and in times like now, it hurts for a bit

but the pain’s dulling.

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dang the boys stepped it up EVEN MORE this year!!!

not that last year wasn’t amazing. this year was CRAZY.

i think a big thing that really encouraged me was just how involved the freshmen were this year. how involved everyone was. it was so encouraging to see these boys stepping up. acting like young men :] really becoming leaders! haha i’m so excited to see what the rest of the year brings!!!

anyways. this weekend. crazy. dressing up twice in one weekend!! i feel so girly… but congrats to alex & jen, and thanks so much to the boys of aacf!!!

God is so gracious. this weekend He knew exactly what i needed to hear in bible study, and during service as well :] may i not complain of the things i have to do this week, but approach everything with a glad heart, because these are the tasks God has set out for me to do.

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thanks, mli + amlim. you single HAND-edly made my night amazing.

haha, get it?

with that said, i’m proud of you anythings. i know it was tough tonight, and we may not have been on top, and it’s frustrating because you guys were/are the better team. however. it’ll be all the more sweeter when you guys win it. for sure.

y’all got this.

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my old boss just friend-requested me on facebook…


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9:00am bcc
11:00am service
1:00pm church lunch
2:30pm baptism service
4:00pm cousin’s concert
7:00pm sophomore hangout
11:00pm joint planning

[currently]1:30am - i should do hw

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